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Why upgrade to the VELUX Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylight?

The VELUX Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylight

X20301-1112_VSS_STUFFER_print copyWith the power of the sun, you are able to bring fresh air and light into your home wirelessly! It opens remotely to allow fresh air in and hot stale air out. And when combined with an open window, it’s like having a natural air conditioner!

The Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylight features a solar panel that captures any available daylight and uses it to recharge a highly efficient, fully concealed, battery powered operator and control system.

P_GL_INT_06660_webHassle Free Wireless System

One great feature is that this solar powered system comes with is a fully programmable, radio frequency, wireless touch pad remote control that can be wall mounted or hand held. So there is no wiring to worry about saving time and money! The VELUX solar panel mounts directly to the bottom of the solar powered skylight and charges an internal battery  that operates the skylight day or night. The solar panel does not need direct sunlight to charge the battery power operator, so it will charge even during the darkest winter days with minimum solar light in the Pacific Northwest! It also has an integrated rain sensor so it will close automatically, in case of inclement weather.

The No Leak Skylight | 3 Layers Of Water Protection

No Leak warranty

The No Leak Skylight carries the 10-year installation warranty plus 20-years on glass, 10-years on product, and 5-years on blinds and controls.

Deck Mounted

deck_no_leak_layers• The pre-attached deck seal on all deck mounted   skylights provides a seal between the frame and roof deck for a leak-proof installation.

•  Adhesive underlayment for secondary water protection against the harshest weather conditions.
•  Engineered flashing for easy installation and primary water protection.

Also available in Curb Mounted

curb_no_leak_layers• A pre-attached skylight gasket provides a  tight seal between a standard site-built curb and the skylight that caps off a leak-proof installation for curb mounted skylights.

•Adhesive underlayment for secondary water protection against the harshest weather conditions for standard site-built curbs.

• Engineered flashing for easy installation and primary water protection.

The Logical Choice For Any Skylight Instillation

VELUX Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylights qualify for a consumer federal tax credit of 30% which applies to both the purchase price and installation.  The federal tax credit applies to solar products purchased and installed through the year 2016. VELUX also manufacturers solar powered blinds for their skylights which qualify for the same federal tax credit.  Choose from standard blind options that come preinstalled in the solar skylights, or choose from the many designer colors and patterns available.


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  1. I have been thinking about installing a skylight in my house. It is cool that his solar-powered window can open and close. It would be awesome if it can hook up to my phone also.

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