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Chase Construction North West, Inc. is Sumner Washington’s long standing pillar in the roofing industry. We have had the privilege of roofing 100’s of homes and dozens of Sumner’s best known commercial structures such as Calvary Community Church. We have accomplished this by protecting our customers with the highest quality products, providing the best technicians and the top warranties available in today’s market. Call us today for quality roofing services at (253) 544-3651.

We’re dedicated to provide you with:

  • Clear communication at every step of your project
  • Expert knowledge of the best roofing practices and the reliability of each type of material
  • Professional, in-home estimates at your convenience
  • Easy-to-apply financing options
  • Courteous and respectful installation technicians
  • Experienced installers with precision and attention to detail

Beautiful Sumner homes with Beautiful new roofs

Over the years, we’ve created strong relationships with the top roofing manufacturers in the Pacific Northwest.  Among these is IKO, whose shingles are manufactured locally (in Sumas, WA).  Regardless of the manufacturing company, each individual facility has variation in their products.  The IKO plant up in Sumas has a phenomenal track record of high quality products.  Combined with the savings due to close proximity, IKO makes some of the best roofing options for Sumner residents.

Check out these excellent IKO Cambridge roofs we’ve installed for Sumner homeowners here and here.

Check out our customers’ awesome reviews and testimonials

Roofers Sumner WaOur customers’ testimonials are both informative and inspirational.  Reviews are always so important for finding the right roofing contractor for you.  Check out ours!

We are committed to keep our standards high and continue providing the quality services that have made us one of Sumner’s highest rated roofing contractors. Chase NW is also an A + BBB accredited roofing contractor.

Commercial And Residential Roofing Services

Our Sumner roofers specialize in all types of roofing. We are certified with GAF Corporation, Americas leading roofing manufacturer, and other manufacturer’s to install asphalt shingles, metal roofing, flat roofing TPO and torchdown, liquid-applied silicone roofing membranes, deck waterproofing, and more. With our Master Elite certification we can provide you with special no dollar limit warranties on both homes and businesses that only a small number of Sumner roofers can offer. Simply put, you’re going to get the best protection for your structure from Chase Construction North West, Inc.. Our roofing technicians are factory trained and certified to ensure you are serviced by an experienced professional no matter what product we install on your roof.

GAF pioneered the lifetime limited warranty for entire roofing systems.  As Master Elite contractors with GAF, we can provide the best lifetime limited warranty in the roofing industry: the Golden Pledge.  It can provide real peace of mind with up to 50 years of coverage for material defect and up to 30 years for workmanship.

It’s awesome that GAF stands behind their products so strongly.  We’re the most dependable roofing contractor in Sumner and the surrounding area, and when we install a very reliable GAF roofing system, you know you’re in the best hands!

The Complete Roofing System

A few decades ago, standard roofing practice was to lay out some 15# felt paper and throw shingles on top.  As you can imagine, this doesn’t make for the longest lasting roof.

With advances both in technology and roofing knowledge, some roofing contractors and manufacturers alike use a far more beneficial approach.  We’ve designed complete roofing systems that account for the unique characteristics of every part of a roof.

Each system is unique.  In general, the composition shingle roofing system composes of:

  • Synthetic hybrid underlayment applied across the entire roof deck for robust secondary protection for the seldom times that water can bypass the roofing shingles.
  • Heavy duty ice and water shield (also known as leak barrier).  Some parts of roofs are more prone to leaks than others.  Example: because valleys get so much rainwater, they need the extra protective ice and water shield membranes.
  • Perimeter starter strip shingles.  When you watch a video of our roofers installing field roofing shingles, you’ll notice that they overlap shingles such that one layer of shingles is actually two layers.  This practice helps prevent penetration from wind-driven rain, and starter shingles provide this overlap along the perimeter.
  • Attic exhaust and intake ventilation.  One of the least addressed sources of significant roof damage is caused by a lack of ventilation.  A roof can prevent water penetration from the outside while still be rotting from the inside.  Even brand new roofs can result in what appears to be leaks yet is really just condensation.  Imagine your shock if you just had a new roof installed and you find water streaming down your wall a few weeks later.  We install continuous ridge vent and intake vent (when applicable) to help avoid condensation damage.  The strategy is to make sure enough air is flowing through your attic to keep its temperature close to the outdoor temperature.  If you crawl into your attic and find it’s the same temperature of your house, your roof may be rotting from the inside out.
  • Field shingles, and hip and ridge cap shingles.  Every shingle you’re supposed to see on your roof is either a field shingle or a hip and ridge cap.  They provide the first layer of protection to the elements.  The wood shake aesthetic is very popular in North America, and most composition shingle designs replicate shake appearance to varying degrees.
  • Flashings at all penetrations, perimeters, and usually valleys.  Small penetrations (like pipes) get neoprene flashings (similar to rubber) and everything else gets 26 gauge painted steel flashings.

Gone are the days of slapping some shingles on a roof and calling it a day.  That method never makes for roofs that last that long or look that good.  Our complete roofing systems are designed to robustly function in the unique conditions found in Sumner the rest of western Washington.

Free Estimates And No High Pressure Sales TacticsBBB Accredited

Schedule your free roof inspection today. At Chase Construction North West, we take an educational approach when it comes to consulting with homeowners. Each project is unique and requires the proper materials and system to ensure the roof lasts for many years. We have the best dedication to quality and want to ensure that you get the roof you always wanted.  With top quality national brands and options for great brands local to Sumner, we can save you money without compromising quality. Call us today at (253) 544-3651 to schedule a free roofing estimate or fill out our free estimate form.


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  1. Great advice from a fellow Master Elite Contractor Chase! I would also add a few things to this…
    1) Do you sub out any of the work and if so, is the sub fully licensed, insured and bonded?
    2) Are you qualified and fully trained in the roofing system that you are about to install?

  2. Very informative post! I really liked your suggestions and tips for choosing a right roofing contractor. If you repairing your existing roof or constructing a new one then choosing the right roofing contractor is the first most concern that should be taken into account. As roofing is a onetime investment process and no one wants to investment amount in roofing again and again so it is essential to choose the right roofing contractor who must be having the proper knowledge in this field and most importantly he should be licensed.

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